About us



A 4 operator FM synth with the emphasis on being able to create sounds easilly and to be able to achieve quick results with the minimum of understanding of the intricacies of FM synthesis.


Inspired by the resurgance of love for all things analog, K1K was created to celebrate the Krakli Facebook Plugins Group overtaking 1000 members.

So who are we?..

Krakli software, run as a hobby by Ian Webster has been creating music software plugins since the early 2000's.

During this time some of the plugins were released as payware or donationware but more recently they have all been made available for free.
There was a period when new Krakli releases became very scarce but in the last 12 months Ian has rediscovered his passion for creating intersting and distincive sounding virtual instruments.
On these pages you will discover the most recent of these.


The Most Recent Releases


A selection of the most recent Krakli Plugins. Created using Synthedit these Plugins are all Windows VST only and 32bit, but as many Hosts still offer the ability to run this type of plugin they are offered here for Free. You are welcome to use them without limitation and without infringing copyright.
The plugins featured here are some of the newest from the Krakli stable and represent some of outr latest work. 
We recomend hat you consider joining the Krakli Plugs Facebook Group where the full back catalogue of Krakli plugs can be found. Newer releases will also be available there before they are included on these pages.
Either way enjoy perusing the instruments on offer here, download if you wish but most of all have fun experimenting with them in your own musical environment.